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The Plan

Give GOD 12

It was New Year's Eve morning.


I had got up early that morning for my prayer time when the Spirit of the Lord paid me (I must confess) an unexpected visit. The past five to six months I had been seeking Him, asking Him for direction for the women of Christian Life Center as we were coming through Covid and the effects it had marked differently upon our lives.

Let's face it, life hasn't been the same. 

That morning God asked, can you give ME 12?

That is, 12 weeks.


12 weeks of our lives that we are willing to make spiritual growth a priority. Not our education, not our jobs, not our self-care, not our hobbies or online shopping (gotcha there!) but 12 WEEKS of OFFERING FRESH, RADICAL, CONSUMING, EVERY-DAY focus on GROWING CLOSER to our GOD!!!  Intentional Growth.

Thousands of small groups will be gathering together the next few months, studying books on inspiration, faith, Christian living, building marriages, finances, and the list is never-ending. What about diving into the ONLY book that covers all these topics and supernaturally speaks life into our spirit --- The BIBLE. 

We are going to do this TOGETHER .... 

Each day there will be passages of Scripture planned out for us to read simultaneously, each woman in her own home reading the specified Scripture passages. On Sunday evenings, 5-6pm, we will all meet at the Hwy 99 facility where we will gather into our groups and discuss the Word of God and how to apply it to our lives. 


The daily and Scriptures will be posted to this website for your convenience.






1. We will be reading each day, passages of the Bible in Chronological order. This means we will read in the      time-line the events happened. Then we are going to talk about it. 

 2. We will be learning how to pray and spend time alone with God each day, building our relationship with Him.

 3. We will be watching weekly preaching videos that will also be uploaded to this website or on our CLCLadies Youtube channel. (@CLCLadies)

 4. We will choose a day to fast per week

5. We will make personal sacrifices that cut out worldly influences such as watching movies or television, entertainment, social media, etc. 

This will be 12 weeks of being a LIVING SACRIFICE. Consuming ourselves with the things of God and cutting out the voices of the world. 

We can't live NORMAL if we are going to see the glory of God like we desire!!!

My friend, there is no telling what is going to take place in our lives, in our homes, our marriages, and in the KINGDOM these 12 weeks of consecration to our God. I strongly urge EVERY WOMAN (youth and up) to come be a part of this!


Sunday, February 13 - Sunday, May 1 

This all begins on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13.  5:00pm at Christian Life Center, Hwy 99 facility.



Sis. Kim Haney


Let's GOOOO!!!


Pick one day a week to fast


Read the daily Scriptures outlined each week


Spend at least 30 minutes alone with God in prayer every day.


Watch Weekly Anointed Messages


Cut out worldly influences


Get into a connect group on Sundays

Here is the PLAN:

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