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Give GOD 12
Remote Groups

You don't have live in Stockton, California, to join us in the 12 weeks of consecration! 

If you are an individual that would like to join with us remotely beginning February 13 we would love to have you! Everything you need is right here on this website. It would be even better if you found a friend or family member that could join with you as you shared the Word of God together. 

We invite other groups around the United States to join us! 

Maybe you are a pastor's wife or a ministry leader? We would love for you to form your own group(s) and join us on this journey of focused spiritual growth.

Everything you will need for your group will be presented here in this website: the weekly Scriptures, the group discussion study sheets, etc. 

If you are joining us in this season, please send us an email to let us know! We would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions that could make this program better. 


Here is an example of our weekly schedule:

5pm- All ladies meet at church

15 minute lesson on prayer, fasting, spiritual warfare, etc. (all inclusive)

5:15 - All ladies split into their groups under their group leaders

10 mins. The group leader discusses the Scriptures of that week and the weekly study sheet.

30 mins of group discussion and how the Word spoke to them.

5 min. Prayer and dismissal

About Our Groups and Leaders

There were 30 group leaders and assistants who were selected to oversee a group of 8-10 women. During our kick-off night, we introduced the leaders and then numbered off all the attendees under a different leader. 

The leader and assistants stayed in contact with all of their group members throughout the week, encouraging them. 

Once a week (Sunday nights for us) we all met together in our groups at the same location (church). After a 15 minute teaching, the group leaders facilitated the study sheet discussions and how to apply the Word to their lives. 

At the end, we pray for one another and then dismiss. 

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